Ontario edamame ready for harvest!

Back in the spring, I wrote a post about an Ontario farmer who is experimenting with growing edamame this year.

Edamame is a succulent soybean that is popular in Asian cuisine. Currently virtually all edamame consumed in Canada is grown in Asia, which means there could be a market opportunity for Ontario farmers to begin growing the crop here. This is what led farmer Jason Persall, a fourth generation farmer who markets a line of 100 percent Canadian oils, wine vinegars, soya sauces and cooking wines under the Pristine Gourmet brand, to trial different varieties on his Waterford-area farm.

Anyway, as a follow up to my first post, the edamame is now ready for harvest. You can follow the progress and see pictures of the crop on Pristine Gourmet’s Facebook page. They’ve also been posting pictures of the plants as they’ve been growing throughout spring and summer.

Photo source: Pristine Gourmet

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