Through the eyes of a cow

Have you ever wondered what the world looks like through the eyes of animals?

I think about that sometimes when I watch my dog lie in the grass, seemingly engrossed in nothing. Growing up on a dairy farm, I was surrounded by cattle on a daily basis and I remember wondering that too when I’d watch them on the pasture or standing in the barn, staring at me as they were chewing their cud.

Apparently I’m not alone – which is good to know.

An online cow cam video lets you view the world through the eyes of Raven, a seven year old beef cow that lives on a ranch on the edge of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta.

The project is the brainchild of folks at the Western Producer, a weekly farm newspaper based in Saskatoon.

Editor Barb Glen says they made the video for anyone who’s interested in learning more about cattle and their behaviour and audience feedback has been positive since the video was launched this past summer.


Photo source: Ontario Agriculture Photo Library

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