Sexy calendar puts new face on farmers

A gorgeous new calendar showcasing the photos and stories of 12 Ontario farmers has been released just in time for Christmas.

The popular “Faces of Farming” calendar, now in its sixth year, puts a different and real face on today’s farmers who produce food in Ontario.

All of the calendar’s models are real, working Ontario farmers, from Sarnia to Niagara to the Ottawa Valley, and produce dairy, poultry, pork, beef, goat’s milk, veal and crops like corn, wheat, soybeans, carrots and onions.

The dramatic black and white photos of farmers are compelling (no Old McDonald here!), as are their stories. For example:

  • November features a city girl from Chatham whose training as a veterinary technician helped her discover a love for working with pigs. She now works on a farm caring for newborn piglets.
  • April is about the farm boy from Niagara who left home to pursue a factory job but eventually found his way back to his first love, farming
  • August is the story of a farmer’s son from Guatemala who immigrated to Canada and now manages a veal farm near Cambridge

The calendar is available at TSC stores across Ontario, as well as through the Ontario Farm Animal Council’s website and Guelph-based office.

See more of Ontario’s real farmers by clicking here.

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