Unveiling the “real” dirt on Canadian farming

Curious about where our food comes from?

Wondering about hormones, antibiotics, GMOs and other things linked to modern agriculture?

Worried about environmental impacts of agriculture?

Looking to connect the dots between the food we eat and our health?

A new national publication promises the answers to all these questions and more as it tackles the issues head on and unveils the “real” dirt on Canadian farming – straight from Canada’s farmers.

The Real Dirt on Farming II – The People in Canadian Agriculture Answer your Questions is published by Farm & Food Care Ontario and looks at the facts and issues in Canadian food and farming from coast to coast. For example:

  • Did you know that 98 per cent of Canada’s farms are still family owned and operated?
  • A Canadian farmer who could only feed 10 people a century ago can now feed over 120 today
  • Farmers are producing 300 per cent more food today than in 1950, but on less land and using fewer resources

This new edition is an update of the original book first published several years ago.

Over 100,000 copies are being distributed nation-wide this fall to politicians, schools, doctors’ offices, libraries and media.


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