A royal jam

Royal wedding fever is ramping up as we inch closer to the long-awaited nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

I remember watching the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer back in 1981…the sheer pomp and circumstance of it all was like a magical fairy tale to my six year old eyes!

In Canada, of course, we have a special attachment to all things royal, given that the Queen is our head of state and her image graces our coins, bank notes and stamps. One local farm in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is getting in on the excitement too.

Springridge Farm of Milton, Ontario has created a special royal wedding marmelade and has launched a “Jampaign” to get some jars of it to the royal couple. Lisa Raitt, the Member of Parliament for Halton and federal minister of Labour has taken up the cause and is working with the folks at Springridge to help them figure out how to get the marmalade to William and Kate.

The traditional orange marmalade features a hint of celebratory champagne and was prepared in the company’s traditional farm kitchen. I first wrote about Springride last spring after I had the chance to visit their strawberry fields and country store on the outskirts of the GTA.

The limited edition Royal Wedding Marmelade will be available to the public when Springridge’s farm store opens for the season on April 8th. You can follow the journey of Springridge’s royal jam on Facebook or Twitter.

And if you happen to be heading to the UK at the end of April and could possibly help get a jar or two to the Royal couple, Springridge would love to hear from you!

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