New label makes soybutter safe solution for peanut-free schools

A new approach to labelling a locally produced soybutter is making it easier to use in Ontario’s peanut-free schools.

The toasted soy spread looks and tastes so much like peanut butter that some schools weren’t allowing it, says Scott Mahon, President of WOWBUTTER Foods, a family-owned business in the Stratford area.

To address this challenge, the company has introduced a new peel-off label with individual “Made with WOWBUTTER” stickers underneath that can be applied to school lunch containers identifying their peanut-free status.

It’s a unique system that has just won WOWBUTTER Foods a Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence.

“A safe lunch is a labelled lunch and these new labels will make it easier for parents and schools to use our WOWBUTTER,” says Mahon, adding that free sample kits and information are available through their website for schools to help address the ongoing lunch dilemma.

To watch a video interview with Scott, click here.

What’s the advantage of a soybutter spread?

WOWBUTTER is a healthy and peanut-free soybutter designed for people with allergies or those in peanut-free environments. It’s a
complete protein equivalent to meat or dairy and contains omega-3 fatty acids, which occur naturally in soybean oil. The product is
available for consumers, as well as restaurants and institutional settings like summer camps, and food manufacturers who use it in
peanut-free cookies, sauces and granola bars.

What is the benefit to Canadian farmers and consumers?

WOWBUTTER is a truly local food product, says Mahon. The company grows its own soybeans as well as buying from local farmers.
Other ingredients and even some packaging are also sourced from local suppliers, all of which gives the company very tight control
over food safety and quality from field to table. The company also provides jobs for local families in its rural community.

“WOWBUTTER has had a very positive impact on agriculture and consumers. We’ve developed a popular food product using Canadian grown soybeans that is addressing a major health concern,” says Mahon. “Consumers send us testimonials about how thrilled they are to have a safe alternative. It makes us feel great and we can’t think of any other food item that can make this kind of impact.”

How did Soy 20/20 help WOWBUTTER Foods expand its markets?

Once sold exclusively online, WOWBUTTER is now available at major Canadian retailers nation-wide, thanks to support from Soy 20/20, an organization charged with developing market opportunities for the Ontario soybean industry. The organization helped open doors to retailers for WOWBUTTER Foods, making their process of getting the product onto Canadian retail shelves much easier, says Mahon.

More information about WOWBUTTER is available at

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