Month: June 2014

More cooking, better labelling can address food waste

I’ve written about food waste before: here and here, for example. The statistics that are often used to quantify the shocking amount of food that we produce but end up discarding are staggering. Not only are we wasting the actual food, but we’re also throwing out the water, energy and other resources we’ve used to […]

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Happy cows don’t make headlines

Another undercover video of farm animal abuse – this time on a BC dairy farm – means another black eye for farmers in the media. Those of us in farming know these terrible incidents are by far the exception and not the norm – but the many millions who see or read the bad news […]

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Your chance to meet real Ontario farmers

Do you wonder who actually produces our food? Would you like to learn more about who Ontario’s farmers actually are? A website launched last fall by Farm & Food Care will let you do just that. It was inspired by the organization’s popular Faces of Farming calendar, but also includes stories that have been written […]

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