About Food and Farming Canada

I’ve always been interested in food – and farming has been part of my life from the beginning. I grew up up on a farm and today, I work for and with farmers as an agricultural freelance journalist, writer and editor, and communications project manager in the Canadian agriculture, agri-business and agri-food world.

Farmers feed us, work to improve our environmental landscapes and provide jobs – both directly and indirectly – to thousands. How they and others in the industry do that is the focus of this blog: news, information and comment about the farming side of Canadian food from the perspective of someone who works for and with Ontario’s farm community. From time to time, I also share stories about food and farming in other countries that have been part of my travels.

And if you happen to need some help with a communications project – from news release, brochure or news story to full-length reports and booklets – please visit my business website to learn how I might be able to assist: www.agrifoodprojects.ca.

Thanks for reading and for being interested in food and farming,