food waste

More cooking, better labelling can address food waste

I’ve written about food waste before: here and here, for example. The statistics that are often used to quantify the shocking amount of food that we produce but end up discarding are staggering. Not only are we wasting the actual food, but we’re also throwing out the water, energy and other resources we’ve used to […]

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Focus on reducing food waste, not just boosting production

Note: This commentary was originally published in Ontario Farmer, June 25, 2013 edition. June 5th was World Environment Day. I don’t normally pay much attention to these kinds of things – we seem to have a day for everything – but this one got me. The theme of World Environment Day this year was food […]

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Our shocking, food wasting habits

We have a curious relationship with food in this part of the world. On one hand, we worry about it – wondering whether we’re eating healthy and fighting feelings of guilt associated with the calorie, fat or carb content when we suspect we might not be. And on the other hand, we take its abundance […]

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