agricultural policy

Food policy could end farming crisis

There’s a crisis in agriculture. It’s an oft-repeated statement, one that at times comes from beef and pork farmers, and other times from the grain or the fruit and vegetable growers. In fact, it seems as though there’s always a crisis in agriculture – perhaps in different sectors at different times, but it always seems […]

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New president at Ontario Federation of Agriculture

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) elected Trenton ON-area farmer Bette Jean Crews as its new president at their annual meeting in Toronto last week. Crews, previously a Vice President of the OFA, takes the helm of Ontario’s largest farm organization during a time of turmoil in agriculture. Farmers have been hit hard with higher […]

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Obama + agriculture + Canada = ?

Now that America has it’s new President-elect in Senator Barack Obama, what does that mean for farmers? That’s a big question not only for farmers on either side of the Canada – US border, but also around the world. Although I did follow the US election fairly regularly, I didn’t pay as much attention to […]

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