Breakfast pizza – easy, delicious and local!

A few weeks ago I came across an article that talked about Breakfast Pizza as the latest trend in chic breakfast eating. This seems like a great idea to me – I love pizza and I love breakfast, so I figure you can’t go wrong by bringing these two life staples together!

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Ten craziest products inspired by bacon

I love bacon – in fact, I’m a fan of pork in general. And especially right now, after hog farmers have taken a beating over the unfortunately named “swine flu” which was actually really H1N1 influenza, I’m supportive of any efforts to promote it and develop new market opportunities. So I was intrigued when I […]

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Where’s your favourite Ontario breakfast spot?

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. There’s just nothing like bacon and eggs (and coffee of course!!) to get me set for the day – especially on the weekend or when I’m travelling and have a bit more time to indulge myself. However, being on the road means the hunt for the perfect […]

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