Fuel from wheat straw at the pumps in Ottawa

A gas station in Ottawa is the first in the world to sell fuel made with wheat straw, says a major petroleum company. Shell announced that this blended fuel includes 10% biofuel made from wheat stalks – known as cellulosic ethanol.

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Coffee for cars?

We may soon no longer be the only big consumers of coffee. Researchers in Nevada have found that used coffee grounds can be turned into a source of cheap, environmentally friendly fuel for cars and trucks.

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The truth about the cost of Ontario food

Guelph Mercury, August 01, 2008 Lilian Schaer The global food crisis is starting to hit home. Even here in Ontario where a strong farming sector produces an abundance of top quality food and exports much of it to other countries, higher food prices are becoming a fact of life. The growth of renewable fuels — […]

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