Innovations protect fruit crops against weather, predator damage

Newcastle – Damaging weather and predators can mean the difference between a good year and a bad one on the farm. No one knows that better than Charles Stevens, who grows apples and blueberries on his farm near Newcastle, east of Toronto. He’s turned to technology and innovation to protect his apples against hail and […]

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Longer shelf life for Ontario berries

As a lover of fresh, local berries, this following piece is music to my ears…. New research by the Ontario Berry Growers’ Association (OBGA) shows that a different on-farm storage method can extend the shelf life of strawberries and raspberries, allowing consumers to enjoy fresher fruit longer.

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It’s blueberry season!

Blueberry season kicks off today at Wilmot Blueberries and Orchards, one of only three commercial you-pick blueberry farms in Ontario. Located just off Hwy 35/115 on the road to cottage country near Newcastle, the farm of Charles and Judi Stevens boasts 20 acres of blueberry bushes of different varieties – strategically selected to extend the […]

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