New corn to be better for environment

Corn uses too much water and too much fertilizer to produce, its critics often charge, making it a bad environmental choice. Yet millions of people around the world depend on corn as a staple of life –  as food for themselves, as feed for their livestock and as a renewable fuel alternative. And that demand […]

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The right to farm and feed the world

The world’s demand for food and food-based products is set to double – if not triple – by 2050 and farmers must speak up for their right to meet that demand using conventional farming methods combined with new technologies. If they don’t, a US researcher told delegates at the Beef Industry Convention in London ON […]

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Popular corn product not linked to obesity

Maybe it’s not as bad for us as we’ve been led to believe. The “it” I’m talking about here is high fructose corn syrup, popularly blamed as one of the big causes of North America’s obesity problems. That link was made in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition a few years ago and has been […]

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