food crisis

Feeding the world without destroying it?

By 2025, farmers need to double their food output to feed an estimated global population of eight billion. That’s a startling statistic and what it means is something we all need to start thinking about. I came across it in a report on the Colorado Ag Classic, a convention of Colorado wheat, seed, corn, sunflower […]

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It was like looking in a mirror

It was an all-too-familiar tune and one that most in the international audience could strongly relate to. The President of the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry for Styria (one of Austria’s nine provinces), Gerhard Wlodkowski, talked to us about his organization’s activities last night – and chief among them was raising public awareness about how […]

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Solving the food crisis?

An editorial in the Toronto Star today made me stop and think once again about the disconnect between those of us in agriculture and those who aren’t. According to the Star editorial, one of the solutions to the global food crisis is for rich nations like Canada to produce more food. On the surface, that […]

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