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The berry first of the season – strawberries, that is

Ok, so I couldn’t resist a lame attempt at berry humour but I hope you’ll look past that and read the rest of this post. I’m the proud owner of two quarts – ok, just over one by now – of fresh Ontario strawberries that I picked up at Fraberts Fresh Food in Fergus. I’ve […]

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Another spring favourite – fresh Ontario rhubarb

Last weekend, when I wrote about visiting my friend Jackie’s store in Fergus – Fraberts Fresh Foods – I talked about getting the first asparagus of the season. Now, it was yummy and I could go on and on, but I won’t. While I was at Fraberts, I also managed to get my hands on […]

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What’s in season? Asparagus of course!

What’s in season? It’s May, which in Ontario means asparagus. These days, asparagus is available pretty much year round in our supermarkets, but to me, nothing beats the freshness and flavour of homegrown Ontario product.

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