Luxembourg’s green wines

The Moselle region of Luxembourg produces some fantastic wines – which we’ve been lucky enough to sample abundantly during our three day visit to the country this week. The tour was part of the International Federation of Agriculture Journalists (IFAJ) congress that is being hosted this week in Ostende, Belgium. The wines of Luxembourg take […]

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Discovering Luxembourg wine country

It was the day of wines – bubbly wines, white wines, pink wines and even red wines. The Moselle wine area of Luxembourg is a gem and one I didn’t even know existed. We started off the day at Wormeldange cellars of the Domaines De Vinsmoselle, united winegrowers since 1921. They make a fabulous series […]

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Meeting the little man that pees

The great Belgian adventure of 2010 is underway…and I spent less than 24 hours in Belgium before leaving that country for another. At the moment I am in Luxembourg, where we’ll be spending the next three days of our IFAJ 2010 pre-congress tour. IFAJ is the International Federation of Agriculture Journalists – and this year […]

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