Farmers urged to lead food and farming debate

Farmers must stand together and start leading the discussion on sustainable food and farming. That’s the message Montana logger and environmental advocate Bruce Vincent told a record audience at the Speakers’ Forum hosted by AGCare and the Ontario Farm Animal Council (OFAC) in Guelph yesterday.

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Plea from farmers: Save our farms

Ontario’s farmers are using a town hall meeting in Stratford today to reach out to the public. The Save our Farms forum will focus on the beleaguered state of Ontario’s farming sector and on what the future of an Ontario without farming could look like down the road if nothing is done.

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Food, feed, fuel or fibre?

Farming – should we be focusing on food, feed, fuel or fibre? That’s a question many are grappling with these days as agriculture spreads into areas beyond traditional production of food for people and feed for animals. Can we do it all? How can we do it sustainably? On a global scale, yet locally?

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