swine flu

Swine flu or whine flu? How media covered H1N1

Much has been said about media coverage of the H1N1 outbreak – both by the general public and by those of us in agriculture. And most of what is being said hasn’t been very complimentary. Certainly from farmers’ perspective, the media is to blame for tagging H1N1 with the nickname swine flu and then repeating […]

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An inside look at Egypt’s reaction to pigs and H1N1

A freelance science writer from Egypt speaking at a conference for science journalists helped shed some light on that country’s extraordinary decision to slaughter its entire pig population when H1N1 influenza was first announced earlier this year. Nadia El-Awady, Program Manager with the Arab Science Journalists Association, spoke about the events that led up to […]

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Ten craziest products inspired by bacon

I love bacon – in fact, I’m a fan of pork in general. And especially right now, after hog farmers have taken a beating over the unfortunately named “swine flu” which was actually really H1N1 influenza, I’m supportive of any efforts to promote it and develop new market opportunities. So I was intrigued when I […]

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